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The 12th Conference of European Shinshu Communities

September 5-6, 2002
Lausanne (Switzerland)


D. Brazier ¦ A. Cirlea ¦ M. Cumberlege ¦ K. and N. Eri ¦ F. Martens
T. Moser ¦ K. Nakagaki ¦ G. Pinto ¦ E. Sasaki ¦ K. T. Sato ¦ M. Sengoku

David Brazier
(The Buddhist House, UK)

Existence as Poetry

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Adrian Cirlea

The Perspectives of Shin Buddhism in Romania

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Marcus Cumberlege

- cancelled -
Poems of the Other Power

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Kokei ERI and Naoki ERI
(Heian Bussho, Kyoto)

Past and Future, East and West, Shinshu and I

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Bettina Langner-Teramoto
(AFWJT, Japan)

Globalization from within Japan
The Activities of the Association of Women of Japanese Temples

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Fons Martens
(Jikoji, Belgium)

Propagation of multilingual Shinshu texts through the internet

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Thomas Moser
(German Jodo Shinshu Association)

The Evolution of Jodo Shinshu in Germany.

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T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki
(New York Buddhist Church)

Thoughts on a pronunciation of the Nembutsu in the global community

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Gustavo Pinto

Land of Peace, A Buddhist Center in Brazil

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Esho Sasaki
(Prof. Buddhist Studies, Kyoto Women's University,
IABC Executive Secretary)

Learning from Eshinni Letters
- Our Daily Life of Shinjin Followers (2) -

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Kemmyo Taira Sato
(Three Wheels, London)

On Doshu

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Mari Sengoku
(Director of the Office of Buddhist Education, Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii)

The Shin Buddhist View of Education in relation to the Pedagogy of Steiner's Waldorf Schools

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